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DB5 from 'Goldfinger'

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Often called 'the world's most famous Car', the DB5 is synonymous with 007. It makes it's first appearance in 'Goldfinger' using most of the gadgets, and returned in the pre title sequence in 'Thunderball', where we saw the bullet-proof steel plate cover the rear window and 2 water cannons spray water.

Aston Martin delivered two cars for the making of Goldfinger, but only one was equipped by the special effects crew with gadgets for the film. After filming the second car was equipped too. Both cars and two additional cars were used for Goldfinger marketing. All the gadgets were controlled from a panel between the frontseats, the ejectorseat from the gear lever.

After 'Thunderball' one of the Aston Martins had all the gadgets removed and was rebuilt as a normal road car. It was then sold as a second-hand car.

The DB5 was not seen again until 'Goldeneye'. Here it was seen in a race with a red Ferrari 355 GTS driven by Xenia Onatop. Now the number plate is BMT 214A possibly indicating, that the DB5 no longer is a company car, but James Bond's private car! The gearbox case no longer controls the gadgets, but contains glass and a chilled bottle of Champagne - Bollinger 1988. Q-branch has obviously removed most of the gadgets. The only gadgets were a colour fax and a wireless set of digital camera-binoculars able to communicate with Miss Moneypenny at the office.

In 'Tomorrow Never Dies' we just sees the Aston Martin in some short scenes and no gadgets are used. But the gadget loaded BMW 740iL has the German number plate BMT2144. It must be a tribute to the DB5.

The original Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 has been in private collections since the 1960s. The latest known owner bought it on an aucion in 1986 for $250.000. In June 1997 it was stolen under suspicious circumstances. The thieves broke into the guarded Boca airport. The alarm wires of the hangar were cut and the car vanished without a trace into the night, eventhough the keys were not in the car.


  • Chassis No. DP/216/1
    The 'Effects Car' used in Goldfinger. Stolen.
  • Chassis No. DB5/1486/R
    The 'Road Car', used in Goldfinger, later fitted with gadgets.
  • Chassis No. DB5/2008/R
    'Press Car', used for promotion in USA. Now in Europe somewhere.
  • Chassis No. DB5/2017/R
    'Press Car', used for promotion in USA.


  • Goldfinger (1964)
  • Thunderball (1965)
  • Goldeneye (1995)
  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Technical Specifications

  • Model: DB5
  • Year: 1963
  • Engine: 6 cylinder 4.0 litre light alloy
  • Power: 282 bhp at 5.550 rpm
  • Transmission: David Brown 4 speed gearbox. Rear wheel drive.
  • Brakes: Disc
  • Wheels: 15" wire wheels.
  • Perfomance: Max. speed 140 mph.
  • Body: Light alloy construction around a small diameter multi-tubular framework, the hole mounted on a platform chassis.
  • Colour: Silver birch.

Extra Equipment

  • Two shortbarrelled .303 calibre Browning machine guns behind the front parking lights.
  • Oil slick ejector from nearside rear light cluster.
  • Two rear water cannons.
  • Triple spiked nails (calthrops) from the offside rear light cluster.
  • Cartridge for smoke screen released through the exhaust pipes.
  • Passenger ejector seat - roof panel jettisoned just before the seat is fired.
  • Front and rear extending over-rider rams.
  • Retractable tyre slashers.
  • Hydraulic bullet-proof steel plate covering rear window.
  • Bullet-proof windows.
  • Radio telephone concealed in secret door compartment.
  • Radar scanner in racing type wing mirror, tracking screen in the cockpit.
  • Revolving number plates (BMT 216A - UK, 4711-EA-62 - France and LU 6789 - Switzerland).
  • Champagne refrigerator.
  • Colour fax.

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