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100% Aston Martin

DB9 is new from the ground up. Every feature has been tailored to make the world's finest sports GT. The starting point was to define the ideal dimensions, proportions and materials for the chassis. Aston Martin did not use an adapted platform from an existing family or luxury saloon - the most common starting point for GT cars. This approach can lead to compromise in styling and weight and loss of character.

Aston Martin developed its own incredibly light and strong aerospace-specification bonded aluminium structure. This 'VH' (Vertical/Horizontal) architecture, which is unique to Aston Martin, has given DB9 one of the most structurally efficient body frames in the car industry. Its enormous rigidity aids handling, driver feedback and safety. More than any other single component, the advanced aluminium structure is the reason for DB9's extraordinary nimbleness, responsiveness and overall character.

All major body and mechanical components are either aluminium, magnesium alloy, or advanced light weight composite materials. These include the aluminium V12 engine and transmission, forged aluminium suspension, and aluminium-bodied dampers. Even the windscreen surround is cast aluminium, while the door frames and inner panels, steering column and gearchange paddles are magnesium. The result is that DB9 is up to 600 kg leaner than some other GTs. That is the equivalent of six men, plus luggage.

This light weight, allied to class-leading rigidity, contributes to improved acceleration, agility, steering response, braking and fuel economy. The result is a significantly heightened driving experience. In every case with DB9, the ideal solution - not the easy solution - has been sought. That is why DB9 is a charismatic sports car. Superb to drive; lovely to behold: 100% Aston Martin.

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